•  Issuance of ID Card / Library pass and How to Enter the Library
    • Enrolled students 
    • Currently enrolled students at Yonsei University and granted borrowing privileges with their Yonsei ID cards. As the library collectively confirms registered students, they are able to use the Library at the start of each semester (March 1, September 1) without going through a special process.
    • Students can borrow books before the semester starts by bringing their registration receipt and obtaining confirmation.
    • New Students
    • New students who have not yet received a Yonsei ID card may access the Library as well as borrow library materials upon the presentation of valid identification (such as certificate of residence) and tuition receipt. Please note that this service is available only in the first month of each semester. In months other than March and September, the use of the Library is allowed with a current Yonsei ID card.
    • Students on leave of absence
    • Students on leave of absence are able to enter the library with their previously issued Yonsei ID card.
    • Alumni
    • Alumni
      Type Library pass for Alumni Library Card for Alumni
      Status Alumni of Yonsei University Alumni who paid the deposit(100,000 won)

      - Enter the library, read books
        and materials, copy
      - Use study rooms.
      ※ The study rooms are not 
         available in the mid-term and
         final exam periods
         (two weeks before exams)




      - Read and borrow books and 
        materials, copy materials
      - Borrowing limits and period :
        up to five books
      for fifteen 
        days(two renew)
      - Use study rooms
        ※ The study rooms are not
           available in the mid-term
           and final exam periods
      (two weeks before exams).
         ※ Exception : external 
           connection service the e-
           resources under contract

            with the publishing company

      How to Apply

      <Existing Yonsei ID card holders>

      - Entrance Application (download), Yonsei 
        ID card, Certificate of Graduation.

      <Those who don't hold an Yonsei ID card>

      - Entrance Application (
      download) , ID card,
        Certificate of Graduation,
        two photos(3.5*4.5).

      Borrowing Application (download), ID card, Certificate of Graduation, two photos(3.5*4.5), Deposit receipt
      (100,000 won)
      * Account : Woori Bank 462-000027-18-461
      (Depositor : Yonseiwonjuga)



      Application Entrance Desk on the 1st floor Circulation Desk on the 3rd floor

      - The issuance of a library pass may be delayed if the applicanthas unreturned books
        or unpaid overdue charges while attending the university
      - Library pass holders must comply with all library rules that apply to Enrolled students

      - The person himself/herself only can apply for the issuance of a library pass
      - Borrowing is not available if the user has overdue materials or unpaid overdue 
      - If the borrowed book is not returned for over 3 months after the return, date, the book

         will be regarded as lost. The price of the book will be compensated for by the
      - The deposit money will be returned to the bank account of the user when the user no
         longer qualifies to borrow materials.
      - Other matters-including overdue or lost books and the illegal withdrawal of books-are
         handled by the Wonju Library of the Yonsei University.

    • Faculty and Staff 
    • Faculty and staff members of Yonsei University are granted borrowing privileges with their Yonsei ID cards.
    • Part-time instructors and Researchers
    • Library Access 
    • Part-time instructors :  Attach the barcode number given by the Circulatiom Desk(3rd floor) to the existing ID card. 
    • Researchers : The library issues a library pass/card by receiving the appropriate request from relevant institutions.
    • Application Hours
    • Monday to Friday (09:00 am ~11:30, 13:00~16:30)
    • Requirements 
    • Instructor ID card for the relevant samester (relevant ID card for other cases), Borrowing Application, Two photos
      (3.5 * 4.5) for researchers
    • The application form is to be completed in the circulation desk
    • Staff of Wonju College of Medicine/ Wonju christian Hospital 
    • How to enter the library 
    • You can use the library after submitting an application form to the Circulation desk (3rd floor) and complete the user registration.
    • Application Hours
    •  Monday to Friday (09:00 am ~ 11:30, 13:00 ~ 16:30)
    • Requirements 
    • Wonju College of Medicine/ Wonju christian Hospital ID card, Borrowing  Application, ID photo (3.5 * 4.5) 
    • The application form is to be completed in the circulation desk(3rd floor).

     Lost and Reissue lost IDs
    • Lost or Stolen IDs 
    • Report the loss of books to the Circulation desk ( 3rd floor) immediately
    • Reissue lost IDs 
    • Yonsei ID holders
    • Submit the completed, Printed application by connecting the  [campus life] →[ID card] on the homepage to the Yonsei branch of WoorI Bank.
    • Receive an ID card from the Yonsei branch of woori Bank and then obtain confirmation of a new ID card form the Circulation desk.
    • Part-time instructors and Others 
    • The barcode number for reissuance is given by the Circulation desk (3rd floor)
    • Requirements : Instructor ID (relevant ID for others)